How to Get Through Deployment While in a Relationship

Ever since United States’ tension with North Korea, the recent U.S. Navy shipwrecks, and Trump’s announcement of sending more troops to Afghanistan, I have been weary of the possibility of my husband being deployed. I am fortunate enough that I have been through one deployment with my husband, and know what life is like as a military spouse while he is away. Here are some tips of how you can get through a deployment with your significant other:

Have a Support Circle

When my husband was on deployment, I decided to stay with my family so I can have a support circle. Whenever I was going through a hard time, or just need someone to help me keep my mind off the fact that my husband was on deployment, my friends and family was there. I was able to console in them, and they were really supportive. It was also helpful to reach out to other military spouses who has been through a deployment.

Keep Yourself Busy

It was a great distraction to have family events almost every weekend, outing with friends, and a full-time job. Although my husband was always on my mind, keeping myself busy enable me to not constantly worry. I didn’t constantly sit in my own misery because I miss my husband.

Keep a Journal

Deployments can cause a strain in the relationship from time to time. Sometimes there are things that I wanted to discuss with my husband, but because I don’t want to cause him any stress, I wrote things down in a private journal. Relieving negative feelings and thoughts through writing was very cathartic and made me feel better.

Gather Items for Care Packages

One thing that I look forward to during my husband’s deployment was gathering items for care packages. In the care package, there were items my husband requested, letters, pictures, USB with videos, small presents, and surprises that I put together. It was fun, and there was always great anticipation when my husband received the packages. (Stay tune for a post about Care Package ideas)

Remain Positive and Strong

Deployments are no walk in the park. It can truly be a testament of how strong the relationship is. There will be tough times. Communication is super limited, which can run doubts and concerns through your mind. Just know that this temporary separation is with distance. The love for one another will always be there, as long as you are patient and resilient. Reassure each other as often of your love, and don’t let the negative thoughts overtake the relationship. Once the deployment is over, you both will be stronger than ever as a couple.

I know that deployment can be hard, but there are ways to cope with it. In no time, your loved one will be home with you. If you have experience deployment(s) with your significant other, what are your tips on how to get through it?