Surprise! We are pregnant!

I know I haven’t posted in a while, and that’s because recently I’ve found out that my husband and I are pregnant! On June 8, 2017, I surprised my husband that we are expecting! This will be our first child and we are thrilled to start our family. This baby is the first grandchild on my husband’s side of the family, and 10th grandchild on my side of the family.

Everyone was overjoyed to know that we are expecting and I have the feeling this baby is going to be super spoiled! We feel so blessed with this pregnancy and all the support from family and friends. Below I made a video compilation of me surprising my husband, and us surprising both our families.

Pregnancy Symptoms

For the past 3 months, the pregnancy took over my well-being. I had nausea, food aversions, bloating, constipation (sorry, TMI), exhaustion, and very low energy. I went from going to the gym 4-5 times a week to once a week. Instead of steadily gaining weight, I lost a good 5lbs.

I am now 15 weeks, and finally in my second trimester. I’m feeling great and my energy has come back. I am trying my best to gain back some weight and going to the gym more often. Overall, my baby is healthy and my pregnancy is progressing well.

Boy or Girl?

Our next appointment can possibly tell us the gender of our baby. Comment below what you think we are having, a boy or a girl?


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